About Us

My name is Priscilla and I am the owner of JUST DOCS, LLC.  I have worked within the legal field as a legal assistant/paralegal well over a decade at law firms located in New York, Connecticut and Florida, they all focused on commercial and civil litigation.  I also worked with retired judges and managed their mediation/arbitration practice here in Miami and I loved it. It was a different type of arena, still within the legal realm but a better playing field for the people. Then I thought, if I dedicated years of working for someone else, worked more than eight hours a day (sometimes weekends), managed, scheduled and prepared legal documents—I can certainly do the same if I open my own business.  Ladies and gentlemen, JUST DOCS, LLC was created. 

Our core values are:

  • Providing professionalism and skilled talent;
  • Preserving our strong work ethic;
  • Maintaining transparency;
  • Communication; and
  • Confidentiality.

JUST DOCS customers will surely receive executive level support from the beginning to the end at an affordable rate.  We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.  But we can and will prepare your legal documents at your direction and by the Court Rules.